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N. Sakthi Vinayagam

Founder and Clinical Director, Physio360

Chief Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Specialist
Sakthi, a well-qualified and highly skilled physiotherapist, owes his impeccable work ethics to the intensive clinical training during his Masters program and his apprenticeship under leading practitioners in Physiotherapy. He has worked extensively with patients with chronic ailments as well as with sports enthusiasts prior to joining Our Team. His passion for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Sports Injury Rehabilitation and his special interest in helping people achieve their personalized physical activity goals have motivated him to take up the pivotal role of Chief Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Specialist at Physio360. Sakthi is committed to imparting up-to-date and evidence based therapeutic techniques to his clients. His strong hands-on approach, his ability to apply a wide range of patient specific treatment regimes and his pleasing interpersonal skills are his unique strengths. He believes that a systematic and holistic approach to assessment and management will help to achieve the best clinical outcome and a superior quality of life for patients and at-risk individuals. With over 11 years of experience personally and professionally working with both local and national football teams, Cricket teams Dr Sakthi specializes in the management of football injuries and preventative exercise programmes. Dr Sakthi specializes in the treatment of sports injuries, complex low back pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and neck pain. With a hands-on approach to treatment, implementation of the latest evidence-based protocols and a focus on exercise prescription, Dr Sakthi expects to give patients the best opportunity to achieve their goals. He has worked in Cardio-Vascular Physiotherapy after Post graduating from SRM College of Physiotherapy with Master of Sports Physiotherapy degrees in 2011.he worked as a Chief Physio and Rehab expert at Cardiac Wellness Institute, Chennai. Also Worked as a Visiting Consultant at Fortis Malar Hospital, Adyar, Chennai. He has worked as a Sports Physiotherapist and Fitness Consultant at Radiant Medi Fitness Lounge, Chennai. 2009 Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2010 Senior Internship at Fitness Foundation Academy (FFAMY), YMCA 2011 Masters in Sports Physiotherapy 2014 Certification in Dry Needling Techniques 2015 Certification in Kinesiology Taping 2019 Certification in Kinetic Control