Well Experienced Doctors

Dr.N.Sakthi Vinayagam

Founder and Clinical Director, Physio360

Sakthi, a well-qualified and highly skilled physiotherapist, owes his impeccable work ethics to the intensive clinical training during his Masters program and his apprenticeship under leading practitioners in Physiotherapy.

Dr.B.Priyanka BPT MIAP

Physiotherapist, Physio360

Your health is our priority. Science is our skills magic in our hands. The caring hands you deserve and helping hand towards optimal health.

Dr.K.K.Shanmuga Priya

Physiotherapist, Physio360

Passionate about helping people to recover from their injuries by combining manual therapy and exercise based rehabilitation to help people meet their goals

Visiting Consultants


B.P.T,Advanced dry needling practitioner,Acsm,CSCS,Joel jamieson's conditioning certification.He is a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach with 16 years of experience and have worked with the top fitness centres, Represented as fitness coach in Duleep trophy.

Dr.G.Bhuvanesh Kumar

He did various credit course in fitness Certificate in Balls and Bands., Certificate in fitness. He is Basic life support (BLS) ., advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certified. He's also certified extended physiotherapy programs like Certificate in Kinesiology taping, Certificate in Dry Needling


Sports massage therapists are massage therapists with a special knowledge of sports injuries, physical activity, and how massage can improve movement and activity. They use touch to massage and treat muscles that are sore as a result of a sports-related injury Sports massage therapists are massage therapists who concentrate on sports rehabilitation techniques.

Our Methodology of treatment

Physio360 treatments can include Therapeutic Exercises, Manual Therapy, Advanced Kinetic Control approach, Dry needling and Electro therapy Modalities such as IFT, TENS, Moist Heat Therapy, Traction or Ultrasound. Physio360 will promote independence. Emphasis is placed on what you can do for yourself and on education to prevent future injuries or disability.